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Outsourcing your Payroll System

Best Payroll, Payroll, Payroll System, executive payroll, VIP Payroll, payroll processing. Partner with Best Choice Payrolls for your payroll system, tax structuring, leave administration and more.Payroll System, executive payroll, VIP Payroll, payroll processing, remuneration structures, executive payroll, tax structuring, statutory deductions, leave administration, Production and reconciliation of IRP501, UIF

Outsourcing is a major vehicle providing the necessary agility and adaptation that has already became a business mega trend worldwide. Where in the past outsourcing has been viewed as a cost cutting tool, it is now recognized as a tool for business growth.

A popular and effective method or re-engineering one’s business is to outsource non-core operations to specialist service companies.

With the increasingly widespread use of electronic databases by government departments, tax authorities, the Unemployment Insurance Funs (UIF), industrial associations and bargaining councils, it is placing huge pressure on company payroll systems. Changes to tax legislation and the fact that some organizations are now charging companies a penalty fee if they submit paper or manually generated information are some of the areas that have serious payroll implications.

One of the major challenges for businesses is the fact that the company is now responsible for correct tax calculations and deductions from employees. Should employers incorrectly calculate and pay over wrong amounts of tax, the company is held liable by SA Revenue Services. Government departments, employer and industry associations, pension fund administrators and others are also taking what they feel to be the necessary steps to force companies to electronically submit returns, fees, levies and other employee information. Small businesses are particularly vulnerable to changes in legislation because their focus is usually on running and managing the operational side of the business.

Payroll service companies, however, ensures that the business operates legally in terms of salaries, wages, tax deductions and the payment of contributions and levies. The payroll service that’s right for your company depends on the complexity of your payroll and the actual time and resources it takes to prepare it. Most business owners understand how much work is required to take care of a payroll.

Best Choice payrolls allow you to concentrate on your company’s core competencies while partnering with a professional to handle the burdens of a payroll system. We are geared to meet the needs of businesses today and will ensure you that confidentiality is of utmost importance when processing your executive payroll. It is however important to understand that Best Choice Payrolls is not simply talking about generating pay slips and reports. We are talking tax structuring and administration including the annual return to the Receiver of Revenue. We are talking statutory deductions and direct transfers of salaries/remuneration to all banks as well as service providers through electronic banking solutions. We will as well administer and maintain leave transactions and records. This is all part and parcel of our service.

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